Homework in Chestnut Class


Each child has a reading book and a reading diary. We ask that you try to read with your child for a short time daily. This doesn’t always have to be the child’s reading book, it could be a bedtime story too. Reading should be a pleasurable experience and talking about what you have read is an important part of the process. In the front of the children’s reading diaries are questions that you could ask while reading.

When the children have read 25 books they will receive a certificate.


The children are set weekly spellings to learn at home. These words are set on a Monday and discussed in our lesson, they are then tested on a Friday morning. We use the method of Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check which is repeated throughout the week. In class, the children are encouraged to use their weekly spellings in their writing.


This homework will vary throughout the year. It may involve learning number facts, times tables or playing games to consolidate the children’s learning from the week previous. This homework will be set on a Monday and will be due in on Friday.

Topics Projects

Each term (6/7 weeks) the children will be given 4 projects that link to their topic learning. They choose one of these to complete at home with some support from home. The projects are as open ended as possible to allow the children to explore their learning in the way that interests them the most. It is expected that over the half term the projects will take approximately 2/3 hours in total.

Chestnut Class Topic Projects Autumn 1

Chestnut Class Topic Projects Spring 1

Chestnut Class Topic Projects Spring 2

Chestnut Class Topic Projects Summer 1 2018


Our Ethos

"At Toynton-All-Saints Primary School we want the young people in our care to leave as well-rounded human beings, inspired and motivated to continue their learning with respect for the views and beliefs of all other people."