Curriculum Map

On this page you will find information about the topics we are covering this year in Chestnut Class.

Autumn Term 1 – Amazing Artists

The children will explore the work of Claude Monet.  We will use Wild at Heart to as our inspiration for our landscape art work. Within the term the children will also explore The Great Fire of London and where they live.

Curriculum leaflet Autumn 2018

Autumn Term 2 – Musical Maestros

This term’s focus is Vivaldi. The children will learn about the four seasons and link this work with Vivaldi’s Four Seasons pieces. As part of this they will further develop their art skills and create artwork linked to the seasons and the music.


Spring Term 1 – Off on an Adventure!

Exploring the Arctic and Antarctic is our focus this term. Finding put about the great explorers and how this help change the world we live in. The children will use their science learning to make a coat for our class bear Super Ted.

Spring Term 2 – Reinventing the Wheel

The work of Alexander Graham Bell is our focus this term. The children will learn about how the telephone has changed the world we live in. They will make their own telephones using cups and string. Within this term we will be inviting parents in to share our learning.

In addition, this term is when we will be using Wild at Heart with David our Forest School Consultant.

Summer Term 1 – Planet Earth

This term the children will look at the work and life of Steve Backshall (Deadly 60 presenter). We will explore animals and their habitats around the world and link this with our geography learning of countries. We will continue to use Wild at Heart this term, creating art work from materials we find in our surroundings.

Summer Term 2 – Record Breakers

This term will focus on people around the world who have broken records – focusing on women in particular. The children will also have a go at breaking their own World Record within school.




Our Ethos

"At Toynton-All-Saints Primary School we want the young people in our care to leave as well-rounded human beings, inspired and motivated to continue their learning with respect for the views and beliefs of all other people."