Diwali Week

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This week the conkers and little acorns have been learning about the Hindu festival ‘Diwali’ the festival of light. The children have been doing many different activities to celebrate this festival, the children have squashed and formed clay into a thumb pot and shaped a spout to make Diva Candle holders, they then had to decorate them with sequins and buttons which all the children enjoyed.


The children also got to make their own Rangoli designs using different colour sand, the children used lots of different colours to make the brightest picture.

Have a look at the fabulous designs the children made!

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At the end of the week, the children got to burn their candles an try some delicious Indian coconut Burfi yum yum!

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Our Ethos

"At Toynton-All-Saints Primary School we want the young people in our care to leave as well-rounded human beings, inspired and motivated to continue their learning with respect for the views and beliefs of all other people."