Light and Dark

This week Conkers and Little Acorns are learning about Light and Dark, our outside cabin has been turned into a dark area for the children to explore with different lights, the children loved using the torches to explore the area and making funny faces by shining the torch under their faces.

The children used the torches to make shadow puppets with their hands and were mesmerized by the different colours from the Santa light.

“Wow it’s a different colour now, keep watching it will changed” said Megan.

File 20-11-2015 09 46 06                               File 20-11-2015 09 46 26

File 20-11-2015 10 27 11


Our Ethos

"At Toynton-All-Saints Primary School we want the young people in our care to leave as well-rounded human beings, inspired and motivated to continue their learning with respect for the views and beliefs of all other people."