KS2 Visit to East Kirkby Aviation Centre and The Kinema in the Woods.

Today all our KS2 children had a fantastic school trip to the East Kirkby Aviation Centre and the Kinema in the Woods at Woodhall Spa.  As our topic this term is on WWII we have so far learnt a lot about the early part of the war and life on the home-front.

The visit to East Kirkby included a fantastic guided tour of the museum’s Lancaster Bomber, followed by the memorable experience of watching (and hearing) the aircraft taxiing on the airfield.  We then explored the rest of the museum and learned more about the different aircraft of the RAF.  This was followed by having lunch in the shadow of a DC3 Dakota aircraft in the main hangar.

After lunch we had a short coach ride to Woodhall Spa to watch Goodnight Mr. Tom at the Kinema in the woods.  This picturesque cinema was a great place to watch the WWII based film and it certainly helped our children understand some of the hardship and heartache, but also some the good times that many children (and adults) experienced during WWII.  IMG_3410 IMG_3391


Our Ethos

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