March 2015: Class 4 trip to York

March 2015: Class 4 trip to York.

Our trip to York had two main purposes. In the morning we visited York Minster to experience a Christian place of worship. In the afternoon we visited York Dig to learn about archeology and to find out about a Viking settlement (Jorvik).

Exploring York Minster enabled the children to marvel at one of the finest buildings of the medieval period and to understand the importance that such a building plays in Christian worship.

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In the afternoon we visited York Dig. Pupils were able to explore the history of York through practical archeology; they were very excited to see what they could discover!

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After this pupils sorted actual archeological finds into different types, such as bone, antler, pottery etc. Identifying some of the materials was more difficult than we expected!

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Finally, pupils got to experience a very exciting Viking Battle Tactics workshop, where a ‘Viking’ explained how the different weapons were used. It was a very hands-on workshop with real weapons. The children found it really exciting (and occasionally a bit terrifying). They certainly learnt a lot from it!

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