February 2015: Making Anglo-Saxon Jewellery

February 2015: Making Anglo-Saxon Jewellery.

In the last two art lessons of the term, pupils were given the opportunity to combine some of the different aspects of Anglo-Saxon design that they had worked on to produce one final piece. It was decided that making Anglo-Saxon Jewellery would give pupils both an opportunity to demonstrate what they had learnt and to show off their artistic skills. Jewellery would also give pupils an opportunity to work on 3D artwork using clay as a medium. Pupils worked in the following steps:

Step 1: After studying pictures of different Saxon jewellery, they decided what type of jewellery they would make. Would it be a brooch, a buckle or a cross?

Step 2: Using pictures of real life examples, pupils drew a design for their piece of jewellery. At this stage they also had to think about how they would make and decorate it.

Step 3: Pupils started making their piece by rolling out the clay, and then cutting it into shape. They then used fine craft tools to add the design features.

Step 4: Using a range of paints and very fine brushes, pupils then painted their jewellery to make it look as realistic as possible.

Class 4 pupils produced some very good quality work with great care and excellent attention to detail.

IMG_1907 IMG_1915 IMG_1918 IMG_1910

The Mighty Oaks demonstrating excellent team-work, building dens, during their Forest School afternoon.


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